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TheGeeks was born as an expansion to ThePlace.click (Seduction and Self Help), TheVault.click (Business and Wealth), and TheOccult.click (Esoteric Studies). TheGeeks aims to be the one stop knowledge shop for educating the masses.
TG is an eLearning tracker, created to include topics and disciplines which are not directly covered by our sister sites. Subject areas include a broad range of academic disciplines, general and technical knowledge. Our main focus is to build and provide a community for people interested in enriching their minds. A place where knowledge seekers can interact, educate and constantly improve themselves, regardless of their station in life.
TG contains great variety of contents of audio books , docs, business in addition to food,gaming,photography,science,politicals,etc...
TG is a ration-based tracker and contains Freeleech system.

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开了两个多月的PT站,资源和保种一般,有新人考核 需要tosky注册地址的请使用微信扫描下面二维码后关注本站微信公众号,然后在公众号中回复“tosky”即可获取tosky PT站注册地址。
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3个多月的准新站,分了两个大的版块,影视和书刊游戏,目前资源不多,保种也一般。收割党冲吧,没号的当然也能冲,练练手也可以的。而且目前没有新人考核。 需要蟹黄堡 PT站注册地址的请使用微信扫描下面二维码...
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