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Dear ones,
I'm sorry to have to make this announcement, but this is where our tracker comes to an end. It is important that you understand and accept this decision. Although it was a difficult one, it was taken after careful evaluation and for good reasons.

Unfortunately, I no longer have the time to run the site. A site like this requires quite a lot of commitment and my priorities in everyday life have changed in recent years. Time is the most precious resource for all of us and I have invested enough time here.

I wanted to leave the site to someone else, who would take care of the community in the future, but unfortunately I don't have anyone to leave it to. ToXiC, the one who was going to take my place is no longer with us.

This is quite the responsibility, we have a large number of users who also have sensitive data that cannot be left in anyone's hands. Abuses can be made and whoever has absolute power can decide anything regarding everything related to the community, so obviously a reliable, capable person is needed who also has very advanced technical knowledge to ensure the security of our users and proper functioning of the site.
It is quite difficult to find such a person who is integrated here and shares the same values and has the same dedication that you have enjoyed for the last 16 years.

I decided that the best thing to do is to close the site rather than risk something like this.
I'm truly sorry, I've also put a lot of work into this and I've always had the community at heart.

As a SysOp I thank you for your active involvement in our community. I deeply appreciated the valuable contributions, the passion you brought and the effort you put in. FileList would not be what it is today without the involvement of all of you!

What happens from now on?
From this moment on, donations are closed and the amount we have covers expenses for the next 2-3 months.
During this time you can still enjoy the site, download what you need from here and post your goodbye message in the thread.
After ~3 months, sometime around January 2024, the site will be closed permanently.

With love and appreciation,






我想把网站留给其他人,让他们在未来照顾这个社区,但不幸的是,我没有人可以把网站留给他们。原本打算接替我的 ToXiC 已经不在了。


要找到这样一个人是相当困难的,因为他要融入这里,拥有与你们在过去 16 年中所享有的相同的价值观和奉献精神。



作为一名系统管理员,我感谢您对我们社区的积极参与。我深深感谢您的宝贵贡献、您的热情和您付出的努力。没有大家的参与,就没有 FileList 的今天!


从现在起,捐赠将停止,我们所拥有的资金将用于未来 2-3 个月的开支。


大约 3 个月后,即 2024 年 1 月左右,网站将永久关闭。



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